wyersLogan’s Journey

Logan was diagnosed with nephronophthisis in August 2011, a few months after his 8th birthday, to the shock of his parents and family doctor.  To those who know Logan, one never knew that he was as sick as he was.  In fact, since his diagnosis, Logan started 2nd grade, plays baseball, basketball and soccer and spent lots of time with friends!  The amazing team at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania gave Logan a new kidney (from his mom) on November 15th, 2011.  Since the transplant, Logan has grown, become stronger and feels better than he ever remembers!  Logan is probably the strongest person I have ever met.  In fact, one of Logan’s supporters nicknamed him Logan the Lionheart when Logan was faced with a set back one month post transplant.

Logan is a typical kid in every other way – he has a twin brother, Drew, and little sister, Kylie, along with many friends, plays sports – loves soccer, baseball, kickball, and basketball, loves to read – especially all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid novels and enjoys math and science.  Logan loves the beach, anything Disney and the Phillies – he is always #8 – for his favorite player – Shane Victorino!  Logan has a great sense of humor and is a techy kid who loves his Ipod Touch, the computer and playing the Wii.  He loves his dog, Rodeo.  Logan likes to relax by watching TV – usually Nick Jr and Disney Channel shows, though he usually starts his day during baseball season watching ESPN or MLB network – or movies – all Sandlot is a favorite.  He likes listening to his music – Big Time Rush and LMFAO are favorites.  Logan loves seeing plays and shows – he is a Disney on Ice, Circus, any Live show fanatic.  He loves going to zoos, aquariums, and museums.  He is a HUGE collector of baseball cards and he loves to play Uno, Guess Who and really any other board game.  My admiration of Logan is endless and my belief is that since transplanted the world is at Logan’s feet!